AF24 Partner


Do you have your own website, Facebook, Instagram YouTube or Twitter community etc.? Are your visitors, in the broadest sense, interested in superheroes, comics, action figures, statues, pop culture merchandise etc?
Then, by the way, earn revenue with our affiliate program!

Making money is so easy with us:

Link from your side to AF24 or set specific links to certain articles in the shop.
Behind every link, you just need to add your own personal affiliate code and everything goes by itself.

For every order of a visitor who comes from your site and orders within 2 weeks, you will receive 6% of net sales *.

In your customer account (link "AF24-Partner") you always have everything under control; every order that has been made and what comes out for you. You decide when you want to receive your payout (from 25.- EUR).

* Net sales refers to the turnover that results when an online buyer orders goods from us within 2 weeks, has delivered them and has been fully paid by the customer. In addition, the return period must have expired. Net sales exclude shipping costs paid by the customer, VAT charged, and any optional service fees.
Note: Own orders can indeed be made via your links ... but outweigh the own orders compared to those of recruited customers, we reserve the right to block the account. Also, if you are FIRST member, its not allowed to use your links and then apply your FIRST discount. Apply the FIRST discount by not using your links.

So, register now in the customer account (link "AF24-Partner") and get started!