Rate your product and get cash!


In principle, every visitor to AF24 can write an article rating. Go to the corresponding article page and write a meaningful review. We are looking forward to it!

Write reviews and collect cash!

AF24 customers with a customer account who write a small review about an item bought from us even get a fat reward of EUR 0.40 per review!

How can I do that?

In the customer account with your order you will find a button for article evaluation. However, the button only appears once your order has been (partially) delivered. Only rate items that you have already received. In addition, you will receive an email from us 7 days after payment or dispatch of your order with a friendly request to rate the item you bought from us.

Let's go!

Also note:

  • Your rating should be meaningful so that the readers of your rating can get an idea of ​​what it means.
  • Therefore, write at least 100 characters long (that's 1-2 sentences, but much, much more is welcome), because "good" or "bad" or "great" are not enough for a rating and will be rejected. Simply copy your review only in further article reviews, unfortunately we can only release one review.
  • Your review will be activated after 1-2 days. So be patient until you can see your rating and receive your voucher by email.
  • You can then use the voucher code, even several, with the next order, so that the total amount is reduced accordingly.
  • A voucher that has already been issued will be forfeited for items returned by the customer or for items that have been cancelled.
  • As a rule, we do not censor anything, but we reserve the right not to issue or not to publish a voucher in the case of reviews that are not meaningful, untrue, copied, or contrary to common decency.