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    Customers who order from us, should be rewarded!
    Collect the BigPoints with every purchase!

    That's how it's done!

    On each article page, you'll see the number of BigPoints you collect when placing an order for this item.
    Just go shopping. In the shopping cart you will see the total number of BigPoints you would get for the purchase.
    If you have ordered, the new BigPoints will be available to you after we have registered your payment for the order and the order has been shipped completely.

    If you have already collected BigPoints, you can use them right at the check-out with the slider (you need at least 10 points). The final amount adapts automatically. Or just keep saving; until you can afford your favorite action figure for a while.

    In your customer account you always have control over your points (left column "Your points account").

    For an order value of e.g. 10.- EUR there is 1 BigPoint, which corresponds to a credit of about 0.10 EUR or 1%.


    • BigPoints are automatically assigned when ordering online. You can not claim for old orders retrospectively or even by phone orders or by email.
    • If you or we cancel your order or we receive the order back, the corresponding BigPoints will be deleted.
    • To collect the BigPoints a customer account is necessary.
    • BigPoints can not be paid out.
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