AF24 pre-orderers have it better!

Every collector and fan knows: Action figures and statues are often produced in limited editions. If you really want to keep your coveted figure in the hands of the release, you should better preorder it!
On AF24 you can therefore order unpublished articles weeks or months in advance. "You can do that almost everywhere," you think now. You're right, but AF24 pre-orderers just have it better!

Your pre-order benefits at a glance:

 1. Pay when you want!

Pay your pre-order only at release. When your order has arrived, you will receive an e-mail informing you that we are waiting for your payment. All in one easy, comfortable way.
Of course, you can also pay directly at the time of order or sometime, just when you want.

2. Price guarantee!

If we should reduce the price of your pre-ordered article before the release, you pay of course, the reduced price. If you have already paid, we will refund the price difference at the latest on delivery.
On the other hand, we will not pass on a price increase to our pre-orderers!
You always pay our lowest price!

3. Cancellation always possible!

If for some reason you no longer want the ordered item, you can cancel it without stating reasons. If you have already made a payment, we will refund you immediately.


You should also know that:

1. Please do not mix pre-orders and "immediately deliverable" items!
We recommend "immediately available items" and "pre-orders", as well as "pre-orders" with different release date, not to place in an order, but to order separately!
If your order still consists of several articles with the status "pre-order" and "deliverable in 1 - 3 days", please note that we usually deliver everything together in one package. So only when all ordered items are available. If you want partial deliveries, these are of course possible, but may be subject to shipping costs.

2. Payment
The following payment options you have with a pre-order:
a. The payment is ideally made when ordering. You can use all offered payment methods. This ensures that we can immediately execute the order when we receive the goods receipt.
b. Of course, you can also pay for the goods in a timely manner. When ordering, choose the payment method "bank wire", "cash on delivery" or "pre-order - later payment with PayPal, credit card or direct debit".
With the latter payment method, you will find after checkout in your customer account with the relevant order a payment button, with which you can make the payment at any time (customer account required).
At the latest at receipt of goods we also send an email reminder, if there is still no receipt of payment.

c. We do not recommend the payment methods "Invoice" or "installment payment" for pre-orders, because the payment will be due approximately one month after the order has been placed or the payment in installments will start even though the article may not be available yet.

Tip: If the pre-order has already been paid before release, this has the advantage that it can be delivered to you immediately after receipt of the goods. So you are always at the forefront.

3. Expected release date
The expected delivery dates we get from the manufacturers / distributors. These are not specific dates, but at best we get a month. Due to the system, the probable month is always displayed as the date with the last day of the month. "Expected delivery date = 30.11.xx" means that we expect this article sometime in November, so not necessarily on the 30th of the month.
Unfortunately, these release dates are often moved to the back, sometimes to the front. In some cases, these shifts can even take many months.
We will then customize the corresponding article page with the new date and you will receive a service email from us informing you of the new appointment.

4. Pre-Order Cancellations
Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that the manufacturer does not produce the pre-ordered item at all or only in small quantities, so that we cannot carry out all pre-orders or no pre-orders at all. If we have already received a payment, we will of course refund it immediately.