Do you have an online banking account? Then pay easily, securely and quickly with sofortü You don't have to register, nor do you need a credit card. During the ordering process, you can easily transfer the invoice amount to your online banking account. After completing the transfer, we will receive confirmation of the payment by sofortü Your party products will be shipped faster than with the payment method "payment in advance". Sofortü meets the high security standards of online banking and has TÜV-certified data protection.


Log in with your PayPal login data or create your new PayPal account free of charge. After completing the order, you can make the payment using the "Pay now with PayPal" button. If you would like to make the payment at a later date, you can use the link in the order confirmation. Your data will not be transmitted to us. PayPal then informs us about the successful receipt of payment. With Paypal you can store your bank details and/or your credit card details once. It is not necessary to enter it again when shopping in our online shop.

Payment in advance

You simply transfer your invoice amount to our account after the ordering process. We will provide you with the necessary bank details in the order confirmation. The goods will be shipped as soon as the payment has been credited to our bank account. Attention: Depending on the time of the transfer, the transfer can take several days until the payment is received in our bank account. You are welcome to send us a meaningful proof of payment after your transfer so that we can send the goods earlier.

Payment of Installments

You are welcome to pay for the products in installments of your choice. Simply order the item with the payment method prepayment. You then pay us directly in installments of your choice. You will receive the baking connection in the order confirmation. You will not incur any additional costs or fees. You can choose the amount of the installments yourself and if you are unable to pay an installment, simply sit out. The item will be shipped when it is in stock and paid for in full. We have an overview of the installments you have paid in our system at all times. If you cancel the order, you will of course receive a refund from us for the installments you have paid.

Cash on delivery (only for Germany)

You pay the invoice amount to Deutsche Post when the shipment is handed over. The payment method is only possible up to an order value of 1000.00 euros. With this payment method, we will invoice you for an additional €6.90. The amount is displayed in the shopping cart.


You can use this payment method for pre-orders for items that will be available later. As soon as the item is in stock, we will send you an email with our bank details and a PayPal link. This allows you to conveniently make the payment when the goods are available. It is also possible to make the payment directly via Paypal in your customer account.

Attention: Please do not use this payment method if the goods are in stock. Unfortunately, this payment method leads to a delay in the delivery of the goods in this case. In this case, you are welcome to use one of the payment methods mentioned above.