Action Figures Photography: Set the scene!

Today we would like to introduce you to Martin with his great page on Instagram @balweis_toys. There he presents photos of his action figure favorites, artfully and / or originally staged. There is also a small creation story for each photo. He introduces himself below ...

Do you also have photos of your action figures? Send them to us! Then we make a gallery out of it!

"Toy photography? You're not twelve anymore" - my wife

At the age of 31, photographing "toys" met with a lot of frown.

The kind of photography art is more of a niche and I slipped in early in the year.

It all started with pictures that I saw on Instagram and that I often asked myself:

"How do they do that, and is it difficult?"

So I grabbed my reflex camera and took my first picture of Link.

Editing a bit with a photo program and it came to a fairly acceptable result.

This was followed by many more pictures of figures, poses and places that you can think of as you like.

There are no limits to creativity.

You can find something for all ages and for every genre.

My channel is mainly about the staging of cartoon characters from the DC and Marvel Universe, as well as the Black Series characters from Star Wars.

It is a lot of fun to produce the pictures. From building the scene (which is often the most time-consuming), taking photos to editing the pictures, it is an absolutely exciting journey.
I hope you enjoy it!

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