Check That Thing: Black Widow Movie Marvel Legends Deluxe Action Figure Black Widow (White Costume)


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Black Widow Movie Marvel Legends Deluxe Action Figure Black Widow (White Costume)

by The Tai V.

Numerous accessories, best action figure display stand included!

The character itself is very similar to the normal movie Black Widow character from the Crimson Dynamo Wave. This Deluxe Black Widow differs from the normal figure only in the facial expression, color and the missing rod holster on the back.
However, this Deluxe Pack contains an extremely large number of accessories, 2 sickle sticks, 2 pistols, 2 fists, 2 stick-holding hands, 2 pistol hands and 2 electric effects. And pretty much the best display stand for 6 inch figures, which can be adjusted in height, horizontal rotation, vertical inclination and left-right inclination. In addition, the holder can be plugged in anywhere on the base and it is possible to insert and attach various explosion effects to the base. The effects are also included.
Even if you are not a fan of this figure, it is worth buying this pack just for the display stand and the effects.
The Deluxe Edition Black Widow is definitely a consistently successful figure and should not be missing in any MCU film Marvel Legends collection.


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