Check That Thing: DC ´The One:12 Collective´ Action Figure 1/12 Green Lantern (John Stewart)


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Check That Thing: DC ´The One:12 Collective´ Action Figure 1/12 Green Lantern (John Stewart)

Best Green Lantern Figure .. so far

by Mio

First of all, I have to admit that I've never been a big fan of Green Lantern, whether comics, cartoons or movies. But then if it was more the John Stewart version. When Mezco announced that 2 figures were coming I was extremely skeptical, but after the first pictures were online it was clear to me that a version should definitely be in my collection to advance my Justice League. The choice fell on the John Stewart version and what can I say? Just awesome! Mezco delivers great again, the articulation is very good for a Green Lantern figure (from crunch could be a little better and the arms could be a little better), but anyone who buys Mezco knows the raw bodies by now. The sculpting, the costume and both headsculpts can definitely puncture, although I clearly prefer the "grim" version. The accessory of the figure is extremely suitable and above all ample. The feature with the glowing lantern is of course a great and yes suitable gimmick. I am completely satisfied with the figure and for me of all the figures is the best Green Lantern figure. The Hal Jordan version could of course top that, but I think I will stick with this version because it fits perfectly with the existing Batman (s), Superman (s), Deathstroke, and the soon to be released Wonder Woman. Articulation: 7/10 Headsculpts: 10/10 Costume: 7/10 Accessories: 10/10


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