Check That Thing: Masters of the Universe Club Grayskull Ultimates Action Figures-Set He-Man & Skeletor


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Masters of the Universe Club Grayskull Ultimates Action Figures-Set He-Man & Skeletor
von Dominik F.

Great characters in beautiful vintage packaging with plenty of accessories.

Brilliant that Super 7 He-Man and Skeletor once again released in the Filmation style. Not only suitable for those who do not want to pay the fancy prices in the secondary market for the first edition. Also suitable for owners of first editions.
Because both come on a very successful vintage style card with an artwork from the cartoon on the back. He-Man has the magic sword, ax and shield as his accessory. As well as three (!) Interchangeable heads. Robot-He-Man, a head in Laughing Adam style and a Faker head.

Skeletor is also very successful and has as accessories his ram staff, the ax and the diamond of the disappearance from the "first" cartoon episode of the filming cartoons. As well as a laughing replaceable head.
The Skeletor heads have done great, the matte black in the hood fits very well and the yellow of the skull is very well applied. The transition between hood and shoulder armor is (in my opinion) also better than the first edition, since barely visible.
Also positive, if you set up the cards, they do not tilt forward a bit. So it's great to position and place in the vintage packaging. Skeletor looks set up from the side just like in some scenes from the cartoon. Personally, I am thrilled with both!

So even those who have the first editions, is worth considering and worth it! For everyone else anyway!

To the quality: I ordered the set twice (also because of the Faker head) and the paint job and the state of the card / blister / back was fine.

My only criticism is that it was not made that He-Man got an arm or wrist to adjust the transformation attitude.


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