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ZD Toys Actionfigur 1/10 Iron Man Mark II und III

 by Dany

Great figure for little money.

Today I got the Mark II and III from ZD Toys via AF24 and I have to tell you, the figures are awesome! The Mark III has an impeccable paint job in a beautiful Iron Man red and the matching gold. Then the model template and the implementation are excellent. Of course, I can't make a direct comparison with Hot Toys. But the figure is definitely on an approaching level of detail. The workmanship is high quality and very clean. The mobility is somewhat restricted, in contrast to Hot Toys or S.H. Figuarts figures. But that's not a problem. At least for me. Because I like to position the figures in a museum position. All in all, I can warmly recommend the Iron Man figure from ZD Toys to you if you don't want to spend any money on the more expensive figures. So you have a wonderful alternative that makes something and has absolute film replica quality. I am mega happy that I made this purchase despite initial concerns.
I just pre-ordered the Mark IV, because I'm continuing the collection, definitely!


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