Unicron, the master of chaos in its grandest implementation!

The Lord of Chaos. The planet-eater. The Chaosbringer. Unicron is the most threatening figure in the Transformers' lineage and can devour entire worlds and civilizations.


This extraordinary article is a project of Hasbro's Crowdfundig project HASLAB.
Today it has been announced that this project will be realized by Hasbro, because the requirement that more than eight thousand sponsors have to be found is fulfilled!
Actionfiguren24 has also taken part in making this masterpiece accessible to figure lovers in Europe. Only a few copies are still available for a pre-order.

Unicron is a superlative Transformer, immensely tall in robot mode, with a total height of 68.58 cm and over 50 points of motion right to the fingertips. His mouth can also be opened.

It transforms into the planetary mode, which has a diameter of astonishing 76.20 cm.

This mode features the iconic Planetary Eater jaw that opens. There are also a number of planetary rings around him that can be put into different poses.

So that this amazingly large and over 8 kg heavy Planet mode can also be presented accordingly, a stand is included.

Inspired by the classic animated cartoon from 1986, this Unicron is the most lifelike and most elaborate version of this character. The artists and designers of Takara Tomy and Hasbro have gone through the widest range of film references in order to extract the smallest details and features.

The extraordinary article is a project of Hasbro's Crowdfundig project HASLAB. It will only be realized if there are eight thousand sponsors supporting the project until 31.08.19. Actionfiguren24 participates in making this masterpiece accessible to figure-lovers in Europe as Hasbro will only supply the USA and Canada. The admittedly proud price of 829.90 EUR consists to a large extent of freight costs, which are necessary to bring this heavy and large part to Europe and to your home.

The Haslab Unicron ... certainly not for any Transformers fan, but for ambitious collectors-lovers of this genre, who can also hope for a full appreciation, the giant is worth considering ...

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