Highly appreciated by connoisseurs and collectors: Third Party Transformers!

They are highly valued by connoisseurs and collectors ... because so-called third party companies offer excellent alternatives to the Transformers figures from Hasbro when it comes to high-quality convertible robots! These niche companies develop, produce and distribute their own versions of well-known Transformers characters or of unknown characters, for which mass production is not worthwhile, in relatively small editions. Most of the time these figures look much more authentic. Higher quality materials are used for this and the painting is much more complex. Of course, all of this has its price, which the ambitious collector is quite willing to pay if, for example, it is a treat like the robot presented below. Of course, for licensing reasons, these products may never have the original name that we know from the comics or films. Of course, the fan immediately sees which character is meant.
Take a look at our Transformers Third Party Shop, where a lot of third party companies are represented with their products.

As a representative, we would like to introduce you today to the latest prank from Mastermind Creation:
Reformatted R-44 D Squad Tortor

Mastermind Creation has long been known for setting standards in flexibility, construction, quality and detailing, which they should once again succeed with this figure.

Tortor is a huge bot with a chest to burn its victims. With additional arms, very few can escape his grip on the way to oblivion!

The 28 cm robot is very agile in both bot and tank modes. An exchange head with removable X-mask, a comic and a biocard are included.
Pre-order now, expected to be available in Sep:
Mastermind Creations Reformatted R-44 D Squad Tortor

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