Marvel Legends Deadpool-Head: the craziest collector toy!

The Marvel Legends Deadpool Head is an electronic, interactive, app-optimized premium collector's item! In short, the craziest collector toy ever!

If you order it, be sure that the 'Merc with a Mouth' will text you non-stop from now on, because it has over 600 sounds and phrases. But be careful, if you or your visitors are sensitive, better steal the batteries!

The head is crammed with sensors and motors for expressive movements and facial expressions.
With the free app Deadpool can play sayings, insult friends or family members or be used as an alarm clock ... maybe it even rings at the right time (but only maybe, lol).

This deadpool head is a great collector's item and belongs on the shelf (or on the toilet flush) of every nerd. (Note: Deadpool's head doesn't kill you. That would only make him lonely.)

Take a look at our article page, where all functions are presented in the video.

Tags: Marvel
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