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At the moment we receive many customer inquiries, we would like to inform you about the current status at AF24:

Currently we are working as a new AF24 team to process, check and ship even older orders that were already placed with the previous owner.

Since we have a very large number of open orders, we are only making progress piece by piece. We hope for your understanding that we cannot ship ALL open orders at once within a few weeks after taking over on 4/14/23.

Partly we still have to wait for the deliveries from the suppliers and also stretch these deliveries to several weeks, otherwise we would not be able to keep up with the receipt of goods.

Unfortunately, a lot of delivery dates were set by the former team to the 30th of April or the 31st of May, but this date could not actually be met. As soon as this day has passed, the store system automatically sets the product to deliverable. However, this is not always true and unfortunately we have not yet managed to adjust all dates correctly. So if you have seen a product as available for a short time and it is now set to not available, this does not mean that your order is affected! We just can't accept any further orders for it, because we only ordered a certain quantity from the supplier. As soon as an item has actually arrived and is in stock, you will receive a payment request or we will ship the order. Please understand that we also need time for this.

No orders will be forgotten or ignored, we are currently working non-stop through a lot of orders and customer requests.

We are also working on transferring all data - whether orders or product data - into our own shipping and merchandise management system. Unfortunately, as is often the case with technical system changes, we encounter errors on a daily basis. For example, if your order status has been changed in your customer account, this may also be an error. We are in the process of finding solutions. Again, as soon as we (can) ship your order, we will actively contact you.

As soon as we have integrated all data correctly into our system, we will also be able to process your order correctly automatically. At the moment we still have to do a lot of manual work, which takes time.

We receive about 100 e-mails a day, but we need more time to respond to detailed checks of one or more orders. Since we are currently understaffed (cancellation of a new colleague, illness, vacation...) we hope for your understanding that we cannot always answer within one or two days.

To sum up, we are still giving our all to ship the open orders, to handle unsettled cases, to get our system up and running and hopefully we will have it done in a couple of weeks.

We ask for your patience!

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