The Living Dead Dolls rise again from their graves!

Rejoice - connoisseurs of the spooky, connoisseurs of the macabre and disciples of the dark:
The Living Dead Dolls rise again from their graves!

These dolls of the damned feature an all-new, high-quality deluxe design, increased articulation, and tons of accessories to usher in the next generation of Living Dead Dolls.

The First Living Dead Doll Sadie wears her iconic velvet dress with satin collar and cuffs, Mary Jane shoes and has a detachable scarf and sunglasses for hapless day trips or to keep the night extra dark and gloomy. Switch between a serious look and a sinister grin with their interchangeable "death mask" faceplates! Her evil eyes are glass-like and can move using controls in her head.
Sadie features 18 points of articulation and 5 interchangeable hands, allowing for a variety of devilish presentation options.

She comes complete with a personalized engraved headstone, coffin bag, bouquet of black flowers, meat cleaver and matching heterochromatic teddy bear to cuddle with in her crypt.
Sadie is stylishly coffin wrapped.

Living Dead Dolls on Actionfiguren24 - Deader is Better!

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