VAT reduction - this is how you benefit from us!

The value-added tax cut decided by the federal government from 19% to 16% from 1.7. for us dealers for 6 months means a huge administrative effort, which many shops cannot pass on to the end customer due to the enormous adjustment costs.

With us, the final prices remain often the same, but you should still benefit ... and huge!

Instead of a 3% reduction, you will now receive 6% SAVINGS!

How is that possible?

From now on, 6 times as many AF24 BigPoints will be credited to your customer account for each order!

Example: For an order value of e.g. 100.- EUR there are now 60 BigPoints, which corresponds to a credit of around 6.- EUR or 6% of the order value.

The BigPoints can then be spent as cash on your next order or continue to collect, so your discount gets bigger and bigger!

This special discount campaign runs from 1.7.-31.07.20.

If you do not have a customer account yet, please log in so that you can collect BigPoints.

All information about the BIGPoints here ...


a. For all new articles that are from 1.7. come into the shop, we calculate the prices based on the discounted new VAT rate.
b. All before 1.7. existing articles keep the old price even after 1.7.20 to keep the administrative chaos within limits.

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