Welcome to Hasbro Pulse Week on Actionfiguren24!

Welcome to Hasbro Pulse Week on Actionfiguren24!

Due to the Corona-related cancellation of San Diego Comic Con 2020, Hasbro unceremoniously postponed all character previews to this week. Now things are happening in quick succession! That's why we present you the latest series of figures day by day!
With the premiere of the Transformers Kingdom series or new Marvel Legends etc. Fan Vote Silk, Avengers Game Wave 2 or the Endgame Stormbreaker replica. At the start, of course, Star Wars with the Black Series or Vintage. Power Rangers comes with the Zeo Megazord, the Mighty Morphin Green Ranger and other highlights of the Lightning series. Completely new are the ZOIDS, huge (bio) mechanical robots based on animals.

The fans are of course eagerly waiting for the annual SDCC exclusives, which are finally celebrating their premiere! Secure your favorites as exclusive versions like Ghostbusters Plasma Series Tully's Terrible Night, G.I. Joe Classified Series Snake Supreme Cobra Commander, Transformers: Generations War for Cybertron Quintesson Pit of Judgment 5-Pack, Marvel Legends Series Hellfire Club Collection, Star Wars The Black Series Heroes of Endor Set or Hoth Wampa figure.
There are also other special market exclusives that will be sold out quickly!

So keep your eyes open and let yourself be surprised what is coming up in the next few days.
Stay tuned on AF24!


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