Spider-Man BDS Art Scale Statue 1/10 Spider-Man Vs Villains Doctor Octopus 37 cm

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Product information "Spider-Man BDS Art Scale Statue 1/10 Spider-Man Vs Villains Doctor Octopus 37 cm"

Even though they move like independent and individual living beings, in reality, each one of the four metallic Titanium-Steel tentacles meticulously follow each command from the complex mind of their master, connected by a steel harness that encloses the robust body of a proud scientist, a genius in the research of nuclear radiation, corrupted by an accident that led him into a life of crimes. Each tentacle terminates in three powerful single-jointed pincers, two of them raise the
supervillain, nailing the floor just like animal paws in a base formed by rustic techno-industrial elements, including the logo of the infamous Oscorp, while the others are ready to attack. Iron Studios proudly bring the statue "Doctor Octopus - Spider-man Vs Villains Diorama - BDS Art Scale 1/10", presenting a new and never-before-seen version of one of the greatest archenemies of Spider-Man and one of the most iconic villains in Marvel's universe, wearing a variant of his classic
green costume with gloves, boots, and details in orange yellow, covered by a brown overcoat. This statue is the second release in the Spider-Man Vs Villains line, the collection that will form an incredible diorama set, composed by statues of the most popular villains and characters in the universe of Spider-Man in Marvel's comic books.

A brilliant and respected nuclear physicist, Dr. Otto Octavius designed a set of highly advanced mechanical arms controlled by a brain-computer interface to help him with his atomic physics research. The tentacle arms, resistant to radiation, were capable of great strength and highly precise movements, connected to a harness attached to his body. His work colleagues used to call him Doctor Octopus behind his back, a pun with his real name and because of the four-arms device; aware of this insult, he did not care. During an accidental radiation leakage that ended in an explosion, Octavius' body was molten into the four tentacle-like mechanical arms, causing severe damage on his brain. Later, he discovered that the radiation (or possibly his own latent mutation) had changed his brain, which meant he could control the movement of the arms using only his thoughts. The tentacles were already surgically removed from his body, although Octavius maintained the ability to telepathically control them from great distances. The scientist then turned to a life of crime, presenting himself as Doctor Octopus, inspired by the derogatory nickname people gave him. In their first face-off, Doctor Octopus defeated Spider-Man, and, after that defeat, the arachnid hero considered giving up his career, but was inspired by Human Torch to continue, and then he won against Doc Ock in their second confrontation. Doctor Octopus became one of the greatest opponents in Spider-Man's villain gallery, responsible for forming the original Sinister Six group (with the most lethal enemies of the Spider) to fight against the Friendly Neighborhood hero.

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